Teaching metaphor!

So if you go to YouTube and type in teaching is like a garden you will see my metaphor as a video. It is about 3 and a half minutes long. The name Yvonne Perry is at the bottom. This is just my moms account. Thanks!


Tweets/Blog Posts!


So counting up all of my blog posts I have roughly about 42 entries. These include the Daily Creates. The Daily Create Challenge was all completed. I counted up my tweets and got 160. I would tweet from other people as well. Thank you!!

Blog Audit

Here we go. Over the time with this specific course, I have really encountered my own reflections with reading and my own experience with Daily Creates, and doing an Independent Learning Project! Most of the time, with my posts, I usually write about my experience with the topic or the lesson that was assigned for us. I write about my Independent Learning Project and what I have accomplished with that. I also write about my progress with myself as a learner, what I discover, what is interesting to me in the class, and what I think I could do better in the future. I always do the assigned lessons and would also keep up on the Daily Create Challenges. I think that there is some reoccurring subjects that have come up once or twice in my writing, such as in my Independent Learning Project, I would often talk about achieving the week’s goals and my thoughts on some personal issues that have been going on.

For the most part, the nature of my posts have not really changed that much in the past 15 weeks. Of course, there is a new Daily Create Challenge that I keep up with, and also with the assigned blog posts, but other than that they have stayed in concept based on what our required writing was for that week. I guess my own opinion on the DC challenge really was different. Also, I would go off on rants while posting about my Independent Learning Project. I guess this is a part of learning, expression.

The changes that I noticed, was really about my thoughts about the week and what was going on in my life. I was really happy to write down my thoughts about the week, depending on conflict or a bad day, or just annoyed of something. I can account for those changes, because I was able to see what was happening each day, while completing my Independent Learning Project. What really surprised me as I re read my work, was how personal I was with some of my posts. During this time, there was some unescessary drama that was really bothering me. I was working hard to box, and to strive to be a better person. Even though this was only nearly 2 months ago, a lot of change has happened since then. I was surprised at how everything can really make me want to write, and to just unleash everything that really makes me emotional. I know this sounds crazy, but I could almost hear me speaking to my mom or even my closest friend about the writings that I posted. I could hear myself talking to someone. I don’t think I could have really revisted any of my posts, they were all very unique and spoke directly to what was going on at the time. I think the biggest thing, was really getting my commenting down for others. I tried so hard to comment to others, sometimes this is hard to do. I wish I would of really just focused on commenting on blogs for one day, and then maybe I could have really gotten to everyone.

I noticed that I could have put a little more pictures, but this isn’t very hard to do, as I could always add more photos to the next blog post for the future, and go from there! I could have edited my blog too, some of the other blogs I looked at were really cool! This is my first time doing this sort of online blogging, so I thought mine was a pretty good job..

The aspect of the weekly blogging that I value the most is being able to connect with others, to express my thoughts, to create my own powerful place to write, and to just observe what others are doing. I really like that I got the chance to sit down for once and to reflect on what is going on in my week, and not only that, but to have somewhere to think about what others are saying and doing. This was nice. I really like to view what other classmates are doing, and it was extremely helpful to just express myself for the period of time. I think the thing I value most is that this form of communication is the future, we are able to share our thoughts and our personal life with those around us for an educational purpose. This doesn’t happen often. I really liked this whole class, because it was something that was new to me. My blogs really reflect my learning and what I THOUGHT was important to share with others. Even thought I struggled with communicating with everyone, I was always in tune of what was going on at all times and what I was doing to better myself as a learner. I know for a fact, that I never missed a post, or assignment. I always shared what I needed to, and I think that I did a great job of keeping on track with my posts, tweets, and lessons for the week.

Overall, I don’t really have an negativity toward this class. I thought that I really learned how to post, create, and comment. I was never really into being an online person. I have Facebook and Instagram, but I never really thought about these sights as how I express myself. I guess the biggest thing that I really took away from this class was being able to create a page where no one really judged me for what I was putting on here. I know that social media is sometimes hard to handle, for those who don’t understand the lesson behind it and what it means. I think that people really get lost in what they think should be posted and not looking at the importance behind it. I get so annoyed when I see people post stuff that is so stupid. I liked that this class challenged me. That is what I like. I LIKE to be challenged and to do things that other people don’t do. I know that sounds weird, but it is nice to step out of the comfort zone for once, and to burst into a new way of blogging. This class taught me to think outside of the bubble, and to be a learner that can think about what is being posted.

I think the most valuable thing as a student that I took away from this course was really just being able to have a voice, this class wasn’t very strict and I like that. I had freedom, and that is important. I like that students are able to choose what they want to learn about and then write about it. I like that this class was fun and I got a chance to just do what I want for once. I was able to learn, create, and be me. I didn’t have to change who I was, pretend to not care, because I really did. I was able to just focus on the task at hand. This is so important. People don’t understand how important it is to just learn with freedom. Thank you for an amazing opportunity.

An Innovative Learner!

This semester has really taken a toll on me as learner. I have really gotten to express myself in this class, and that is huge! For the most part, as an innovative learner, I have really stopped to notice some personal traits I as a teacher will give off in the future. For example, I have really been in tune with being empathetic, such as who I can create my blogs and research for and what it would mean to someone else. I am an educator, and I am an innovator. I have so many resources and knowledgeable practices to offer others. At least, this I what I hope to do. I have really used my voice this semester. I have modeled what I think it feels to learn differently with ideal tools and resources. I use my previous learning’s and have been directed how to use them to better myself. I question my own thinking and my ideas. I AM CONSTANTLY looking for an alternative route for everything. I continue to look for ways to better myself. I am trying my best to model my learning and behavior that I seek in others. I want to be better and I want others to admire who I am. Innovation in learning is about being a problem finder and seeking out solutions. Innovation is about taking risks and being in tune with them. Innovation in learning is described as observant and being a creator, a creator that can really do what I want.

Something that I have unlearned this semester is that teachers don’t always know all the answers. I as a student, don’t always know the answer and everything that is going on. I may not always know the solution. I learned that teachers should have to be in control of the class. Teachers may not always be responsible for student’s behavior. I also unlearned that learning can be measured by a letter or a number. Teachers should not always plan activities and then assessments. I also unlearned that worksheet support learning, as well as homework is an essential part of learning. I still need to unlearn that teachers can’t always solve everyday problems that will come about in the classroom. I know that in my Practicum class I am really confident, but I know that in the back of my head I am terrified. I want to unlearn that discipline can save the world: It can’t. Also, the more I know my students, the better: Not always. “On actively reflect on my learning, as I know looking back is crucial to moving forward,” which was one of the quotes that really got my attention was from “The Mindset of an Innovator.” Also, from Richardson’s “The Unlearning Curve, I really liked this quote. “There is no curriculum for unlearning, and, of course, in many ways it’s simply learning to see things differently or to at least be open to it. To me at least, the key is attempting to understand how these technologies can transform our own learning practice.” I thought this really explained how things should be and how we can unlearn from time to time. Overall, innovation and unlearning are both a process, where innovation is the future especially for new teachers. Unlearning is important, since we don’t know everything that we claim to.

Independent Learning Project

So, this far, I have really learned about patience and just letting things happen. I have really tried to work on myself with getting in shape and sticking to a routine. Sometimes, this is hard. Routine is crazy. I think the hardest thing for me was that my project was fun and I could really focus on myself. I think this is the most important thing. It is nice to find a hobby that can push you to do your best. This is why I chose boxing and just getting in shape. I like a challenge and I like being in control. I’m able to learn more about myself as time happens. I am able to write my own story through time and to just enjoy what is thrown at me. Life has a way of working things out. Life also has a way of teaching. The best part of my project was that I still feel good about it and all that I can do with it. Independent learning projects are a great way for students to learn about themselves and what they like. For the most part, independent learning projects can help you to really push yourself to get a job done and to just have fun with it. I can use this activity in the classroom as motive for my students. I can really use this as a way for students to write about each day, and to express themselves. I really liked how effective this project was and all that I learned about myself. I am able to reflect on this with time and effort and what my thoughts are. I really liked how well I was able to follow along and to really complete the task at hand.

Graphic Visual

The visual that I chose to look up and create was called Photo Manipulation Design. Photo Manipulation can be described in a variety of ways. For example, photo manipulation is a graphic design method involving photography, illustration, and digital art all together to form a manipulated piece of art. Manipulating real-life photos allows the artist to create an entirely made up fantasy from reality!
Nowadays, photo manipulation is used in numerous fields such as advertising, simply because of its power to let viewers view the world from an entirely different perspective or angle. And once you’ve made your audience believe in another world, you can make them believe in anything else! It can be used for own style, or to create different images.

INTUITION by BringYourHate

Here is an example of what photo manipulation would look like in the modern day art. This type of manipulation and graphic visual can be used in a lot of ways. Graphic visuals are a great way for people to get some insight on new and exciting forms of visual aids. It is a new way to really express yourself and to be involved with reality. The only challenging thing about graphic visuals is that it can be interpreted in different ways. The information to include would be what form of visual to use for the classroom or for social media. This information can be used and should be used in the classroom with images. Images like these are a great way to introduce a topic and to use for assignments. These visuals can be used for creative writing, as well as using them for media use. I would have my students use these images for multiple uses. There is time to create them and to use them for every day use. I really liked how colorful some of the images are. It is really great to see how these can be used in multiple ways.

Independent Learning Project!

For this week, I was really aware of what I was happening. I have been keeping up on my boxing, just doing Tuesdays with a lady group. I have really liked this. It has been such an escape from everything. I have moved this week. I got a new place. I have tried to work on just getting into my new place this week. I have really tried to work on doing my own thing and really just getting everything finished this week.

The biggest thing is working my own progress. I have really started to like boxing and everything that is included with it. My goal is to get everything finished with my new place. I have tried to really focus on getting everything finished with my own goals. I know that my goals are to really be content and happy with what is going on. I like getting my own things done and doing them will intention. I know for a fact that I am really involved in school and assignments. I am really into getting assignments finished and staying on task with my own individual goals. I like to stay focused and learn each day.

Boxing has really helped me to let go and to just release my built up tension. I have really enjoyed boxing and all that has happened with my progress with it. I have felt that I have gotten a lot of things done for myself. I have really accomplished my goals and everything that I have done with it has been positive. For the most part, I feel like my endurance has really increased. I have felt really good and on task with everything. I think as a competitor it has been a great thing to pick up boxing. I have found some really great things to do with it. I have a better outlook on each day, and I feel good throughout the day. I have tried to use the positive outlook as a way to go with life. I have used my own goals to use towards school and what not. I have really liked what has happened to my thinking. I am much happier and positive. I am confident and assertive. I am knowledgeable and can think about the task at hand. I am eager and responsive. I am ready.

Daily Create 25, 26,27

Write a letter with the letter “E”

Daily Create Challege

Is a little Exciting

I think it’s Inviting

There is an egg

I like the sound of a pegg

There is no exciting tone

To express my sigh full moan



I thought this painting was really interesting! This is the work that illustrate one of Mona Lisa artwork. I thought this was really interesting.

Blog Blog Blog

After reading the indicated articles, I was aware that blogging is popular! The benefits to using podcasts and digital stories in the classroom are becoming very demanded. Some students even cut class to come and listen to pod casts! This is what students want to do, they want to be involved with podcast media learning. I think this is a fantastic idea! For the most part, this is a great way to motivate students and to get them involved in everyday technological use in the classroom. I could see some aspects of using this that could be distracting, such as some students wanting to skip class to listen to the podcasts and not fully being in class. Learning through listening is a beneficial way to get all students inclined to what is happening around them. Students can be together in the class, working with other students and listening at the same time. Some disadvantages will occur, but this shouldn’t be anything to not expect. I would have students active and using podcasts for multiple lessons and uses. I would have students use the digital story telling for navigating and telling a story of their own. Students can express themselves through the use of video, either a video camera, or computer.

The exciting thing about digital story telling is that it teaches so many skills about fundamental writing, where all students are engaged and wanting to do the assignment. This is how we get students to be creative, and to have fun while doing an assignment. It is very important to incorporate a lesson where students are excited and ready. I would love to use digital story telling for multiple lessons in my classroom, as well as podcasts. I like that students can record themselves and go back and watch. I like that teachers can use video chat via skype or even a lesson for every day. I also like that students will be able to learn through their inventions with these techniques. Learning doesn’t have to be boring, and I think that with all the use that podcast technology and digital story telling have to offer, then there is endless possibilities here. I am a fan of doing something beyond, going above and seeking new and exciting learning aspects. This is how we can do it.